I was privileged to be invited to share with Westbrook’s Chamber of Commerce what I so dearly love to do…teach and spread the word about the amazing things happening in the my own district and throughout the state. ¬†Okay…I’m a huge user of technology and especially love it when it is working. Can you guess where this might be going? I was the first guest to arrive at the Larrabee Complex as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to set up my Notebook (MAC) presentation. This was fortunate, because the projector provided did not recognize the fact that I had my entire presentation in MAC!!! UGH!!! I needed a new projector.

I flew out the door and realized I had twelve minutes to get to my school…grab a projector and make it back for my 12:20ish start. NO PROBLEM!I made it back and noticed I actually had three minutes to spare…phew. Not really! Now I had more technological issues, but fortunately a few dear members where there to help get the show on the road. (Thank you so much Dr. Lane and Sue Joyce!) You have to love technology, it keeps you on your toes. :)

I went on to speak for approximately 30 minutes and truly enjoyed my time with this group. Thank you so much for inviting me to speak and for caring about education.