Jennifer Pooler addresses the 2011 Maine Teacher of the Year Nominees

Walter (Wally) LeBlanc is a nominee from the Westbrook School District, my alma mater and the district I have been employed with since 1993! Good Luck, Wally!!!

Each year former and current Maine Teachers of the Year gather to support and meet the upcoming year’s nominees. Tonight there were four T.o.Y.s present to speak, answer questions, and share the marvelous experience the T.o.Y. process offers. Argy Nestor (1995), Pete Pedersen (1999), Gloria Noyes (me, 2009), and Kevin Grover (2010) were able to make the dinner this year.

It is always a proud moment to witness a room full of educators that are passionate about doing whatever it takes to lead their students to success! Way to go…Class of 2011 T.o.Y.s. You are all winners! To view the nominees and semi-finalists click here….

Best wishes and if any of you need advice or support through your journey, please do not hesitate to contact me. Most of you received my card, but Jennifer Pooler at the D.O.E. can put you in contact with me as well.