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Gloria Noyes, 2009 Maine State Teacher of the Year

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I was privileged to be invited to share with Westbrook’s Chamber of Commerce what I so dearly love to do…teach and spread the word about the amazing things happening in the my own district and throughout the state. ¬†Okay…I’m a huge user of technology and especially love it when it is working. Can you guess where this might be going? I was the first guest to arrive at the Larrabee Complex as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to set up my Notebook (MAC) presentation. This was fortunate, because the projector provided did not recognize the fact that I had my entire presentation in MAC!!! UGH!!! I needed a new projector.

I flew out the door and realized I had twelve minutes to get to my school…grab a projector and make it back for my 12:20ish start. NO PROBLEM!I made it back and noticed I actually had three minutes to spare…phew. Not really! Now I had more technological issues, but fortunately a few dear members where there to help get the show on the road. (Thank you so much Dr. Lane and Sue Joyce!) You have to love technology, it keeps you on your toes. :)

I went on to speak for approximately 30 minutes and truly enjoyed my time with this group. Thank you so much for inviting me to speak and for caring about education.

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  • Yes, that is me with Bob Crowley!

    What a “wicked” cool guy, Mr. Crowley is! My husband and I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the famous Bob Crowley from Survivor after attending the GOP Gubernatorial debates at the brand new Westbrook Middle School Performing Arts Center. We are looking forward to the Democratic debates that will also be held at the Middle School in the upcoming weeks.

    Please check out the Westbrook School Department’s Website and Dr. Namin’s Newsletter for up-to-date information on activities happening in our school district.

    Westbrook School Dept. Newsletter

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  • Congratulations Westbrook ToYs!!!

    Sarah Bradbury was Congin’s nomination for Westbrook Teacher of the Year!!!

    Cynthia Martin (Facilitator of Curriculum) and Walter LeBlanc the Westbrook Teacher of the Year!

    The Westbrook School Committee and Westbrook School Department celebrated the outstanding teachers  that were nominated for each school in Westbrook. There was a brief reception prior to the televised award ceremony at the School Committee meeting. Thank you all for being fantastic role models and advocates of best practice in the classroom. The nominees were: Walter LeBlanc (High School), Phil Rich (Canal School), Sarah Bradbury (Congin School), Pam Ridley (Prides Corner School), Peter Wilson (Vocational), and Wendy Gualrapp (Saccarappa School).

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  • Unum Shooting Stars and the Red Claws!

    Thank you so much UNUM…for investing in education! Your dedication to students and educators across Maine does not go unnoticed. My class, the parents, and many Congin staff members had an amazing time at the Red Claws game. It was so generous of you to offer tickets, t-shirts, and great seats for me to share with the people I love so dearly.

    (This was another gift for being ME ToY 2009!)

    White Shadow the Red Claws Master of Ceremonies and beloved super talented trickster…teaches me how to spin with the best!

    Sara and Shelby were chosen to do a fun obstacle race, hence…the big shorts!

    THANK YOU!!!

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  • 2011 TOY Nominee Dinner in Augusta

    Jennifer Pooler addresses the 2011 Maine Teacher of the Year Nominees

    Walter (Wally) LeBlanc is a nominee from the Westbrook School District, my alma mater and the district I have been employed with since 1993! Good Luck, Wally!!!

    Each year former and current Maine Teachers of the Year gather to support and meet the upcoming year’s nominees. Tonight there were four T.o.Y.s present to speak, answer questions, and share the marvelous experience the T.o.Y. process offers. Argy Nestor (1995), Pete Pedersen (1999), Gloria Noyes (me, 2009), and Kevin Grover (2010) were able to make the dinner this year.

    It is always a proud moment to witness a room full of educators that are passionate about doing whatever it takes to lead their students to success! Way to go…Class of 2011 T.o.Y.s. You are all winners! To view the nominees and semi-finalists click here….

    Best wishes and if any of you need advice or support through your journey, please do not hesitate to contact me. Most of you received my card, but Jennifer Pooler at the D.O.E. can put you in contact with me as well.

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