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Will he answer the call of duty?

Hello...Super Grover are you there?

Okay, I’m not sure if you all remember what happened to me last New Year’s Eve?  I was told by Martin McKeon the 2008 ME ToY, that there was a tradition of being called at 12:00 a.m. This call would come in a prank-call kind of way…”It’s yours”…”click!”  So being the good sport that I am, I stayed up practicing a variety of not-so-friendly sounding voices to use when Marty called. I sat in my bed watching the New Year’s event unfold on the streets of New York…all the while, giggling to myself at this great plan I had for scaring the 2008 ToY. (I was going to act like he had the wrong number and sound like an old, agitated lady) My giggles faded slowly around 12:10 a.m. when I realized I had been stood up. :(  I know what you are thinking…how could this happen??? It was just plain cruel, because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep as you can tell by my giggling and scheming.

Do not worry my dear friends…after I told this story to Kevin Grover my predecessor, I knew the 12 a.m. calling tradition would become a reality. (He had a glimmer in his eye during our conversation.) As 11:58 neared, I was armed with my cell phone to tell me the actual satellite time and my cordless phone. As Dick Clark started the count down…my fingers swiftly dialed the numbers…(207)-1-800-Suppah-Grover (don’t try this number, he has since changed it as every Maine School Board in crisis was calling him!). My mind raced…would he be there?

I swear to you, Kevin Grover, truly possesses super powers! The phone never RANG and I hear “hello” on the other end. I started cracking up…I think someone was a little too excited to take my job away from me! :)  I stopped him in mid-sentence and told him to kiss his wife first…unfortunately, she was asleep and my husband was playing in his band at Hollywood Slots…so, the two ToYs (one old and one brand new) greeted the New Year together. It was really cool! I have a feeling that Kevin will keep this new tradition alive! I feel as if I may be a bad influence on Mr. Grover, because I made him promise to wear the banner (all ToYs receive one at their surprise assembly) like a cape if he won (because that was what I did at my assembly…it was my tribute to the Olympics) and now he will be prank calling the 2011 ToY. On a serious note, I am so thrilled for Kevin and his family as he embarks on this fantastic journey as our Maine Teacher of the Year. Congratulations, Kevin!

Happy New Year to all of you and may your lives be blessed with peace, love, and laughter!

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  • MCEE Celebration of Leadership Luncheon

    Yellow Light Breen is the new Chair of the MCEE

    The Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education (MCEE) held its 12th Annual Celebration of Leadership Luncheon at the Harraseeket Inn, in Freeport, Maine. The Coalition believes in thanking and honoring educators (teachers, administrators, & curriculum leaders) who show impressive leadership abilities. The MCEE invites each Maine Teacher of the Year to be an active member of their board. Today, I was very pleased when the coalition asked me to stay on their board for three more years. I am proud of the work the MCEE does and I encourage all Maine residents to look at the new initiative we are working on called “Education is Job #1! If you would like to know more about the MCEE and our initiative, please go to the MCEE link:

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