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ME T.o.Y. Banquet

Unbelievably, one year ago I was the recipient of the 2009 Maine Teacher of the Year award. Tonight, I have the privilege and honor of passing the crown off to the amazing Mr. Kevin Grover of Falmouth. Kevin and I have been fortunate to spend time talking and sharing our about experiences as teachers in communities we both live and work, as parents of children nearly the same age, and as jibjab aficionados. (You must check out!) I need to let you in on a little secret… Mr. Grover may look serious on the outside; however, he is a very funny guy! Oh and for the 2011 possible candidates, you may want to consider buying an afro to even be considered for this position. You see I have a fondness for disco music, 70s clothing, and yes afros. Little did we know, Kevin Grover, also has his own afro and holds disco dances in his classroom. I’m just saying 2011 teachers…get your groove on if you want a shot at being the ME 2011 T.o.Y. :)

The night was spectacular and we had several special guests speak: The Commissioner of Education, Susan Gendron, a representative from SMART Technologies, Peter Geiger (Geiger Bros.), Tap Fitzgerald (Hannaford), Jim Banks (ME Board of Education), Cary Olson-Cartwright (UNUM & JMG), Me (2009 ME T.o.Y.), and Super Grover the 2010 ME  T.o.Y.

As soon as I can figure out how to share my slideshow (it is quite long and has many graphics…too large of a file to upload here), I will post it for you to see first-hand the wonderful experiences I was presented while in this most fabulous position.

Check out Kevin Grover’s Wiki page…

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  • Paging Doctor Noyes…

    Today is the beginning of a new journey…I am starting my doctorate in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning! Walden University was extremely gracious in giving each 2009 State Teacher of the Year a tuition free degree. I am excited to pursue this degree as I realize the importance of having an effective, passionate, and caring leader at the forefront of a school. Fortunately for me, I work with amazing school leaders in Westbrook. I am hopeful that someday I too will have the opportunity to make a difference for more students, parents, staff members, and the community as a school leader. :)


    Dr. Gloria L. Noyes….ha.ha.  I like the sounds of that!!!  I only have three years to go!!!

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