Today, I was so proud to be a part of a very precious assembly.  The new Maine Teacher of the Year, Mr. Kevin Grover, was given his “surprise” assembly at the Lunt School in Falmouth.  I only wish that everyone could have felt the enormous outpouring of love, pride and support that filled the gymnasium as Mr. Grover entered the room.  It was so moving and gorgeous that all I could think about was my own experience, last year.  It’s hard to express the utter love and humbleness you feel at a moment like this… it truly is.  It was obvious on Kevin’s face that he understood exactly this feeling.

It’s hard to pass the torch off… when you love what you have been blessed with so very much.  Being the Maine Teacher of the Year comes with many responsibilities, and at times it can be a little overwhelming and challenging.  However, it was and will always be a gift that was worth every second of my time.  It is refreshing and exciting to know that Kevin will be the new voice for Maine educators, students and parents.  He has become a friend in this ToY process and I know we will work together for many years to come.  I let him have his day in the limelight, but just remember Mr. Super Grover Maine Teacher of the Year 2010, I am still here until December 31st at 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME!!!  I may even give you a call to let you know that it’s all yours.  The question is will you be awake or will I have to wake you up? 

Just because I’m nearing the end of my 2009 journey as the METoY… it only means that my journey has just begun.  (I’m a glass half full…kind of person.)  Congratulations once again, Kevin!  You rock!