Gov. Pawlenty, Gov. Bredesen, Gov. Bush
Gov. Pawlenty,  Gov. Bredesen,  Gov. Bush        

Today, was a mixed feeling kind of day.  Several of the sessions although having great topics were a little disappointing to me and to some of my ToY colleagues.  It was very hard to listen to Senators and Representatives, as well as Governors or select business groups share what we should be doing in education…when some of these presenters have had little experience or no experience in a classroom or have had little input from the ground level which is hearing from our teachers and students.  There also didn’t seem to be enough time for collaboration and response time during our sessions today.

I did however thoroughly enjoy a session run by a board member from the MCEE, Duke Albanese and Charlie Toulmin from Nellie Mae Education Foundation.  Our round table discussion was on “The New England Secondary School Consortium: Cross-State Collaboration for College and Work Readiness.    It is exciting to watch several of the states work together for the betterment of our students.  It is also nice to have standards in NH and MA that match what we are doing in ME. 


After our sessions today, we were treated to a reception at the hub of the building for just the Teachers of the Year.  It was cool, because the top of the building rotated.  After the reception, several of us went out to dinner.  We also did a little shopping and site seeing.

Sing it to me…Elvis!

Sing it to me...Elvis!