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Being the proud Westbrook gal that I am, I was thrilled yesterday afternoon when I was asked to fill in as the Master of Ceremonies for Jeff Peterson, as he could not make it to the parade.   Truthfully, I was petrified as I know just about everyone in this city… seeing I have lived here for 34 of my 38 years.   It was short notice and I guess that was better for my nerves, as I only had one night to stress out about it.  One of the things I told myself when I was given this award, was that I needed to take advantage of everything that came my way.  It ended up being a blast!  It was wonderful to see so many of my past and present students, parents, friends and family.   I also scored a ton of candy which was a bonus.  I guess I did alright, because they asked me to do it again next year.  :)

If you missed the parade here’s a link to the Westbrook Website…just scroll down to the Westbrook Together Days 2009 Parade on the menu.

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  • Westbrook High School Class Night…

    Mary…Mary…Mary!!!  Tonight, I was given the opportunity to present Mary Maxwell with the official University of Phoenix, Teaching it Forward Scholarship!  It was so great to be able and share with the audience how truly precious this young lady is…and how a positive attitude can get you through the toughest of times.  It was a true honor to speak to the Westbrook High School seniors and to the audience… about something so worthy of praise. (Please read all about Mary and the University of Phoenix Scholarship in my archives: Jan 29th and March 20th) Also, I’ve included the American Journal’s article on Mary, below. 

    Sitting on the stage with all of the presenters, administration and high school teachers, I found myself reflecting on my own senior year… and when I received the Horatio Alger Scholarship, exactly twenty years ago!!!   At times, I need to pinch myself, because I just can not believe that I have all that I do.  I owe a great deal of my success to the scholarship I received, as well as to the Douglas family.  This gracious family took me into their loving home when I was 17, and a junior in high school.  The Douglas’ gave me strength, support and encouragement to go for my dream of becoming a teacher.  They made me believe that I could do anything… and that college was a vital part of getting what I so desperately wanted…a teaching degree. 

    I only hope that the Westbrook High School students who received scholarships or grants tonight, realize the gift they have been given.  Someone believed in them… and now it is their chance to better themselves and hopefully one day give back to their communities!  Congratulations to all SENIORS…everywhere!  As a teacher, it is so exciting to watch students graduate from high school and college.  Carpe Diem, Seniors!

    American Journal Headline News

    Scholarship in hand, Westbrook High grad ready to take on anything

    Mary Maxwell is the recipient of a scholarship awarded by Congin School’s Gloria Noyes, Maine’s Teacher of the Year.
    (Photo By Rich Obrey)

    Scholarship in hand, Westbrook High grad ready to take on anything

    By Leslie Bridgers

    Westbrook (Jun 10, 2009): Sitting alone at lunch as a Westbrook High School freshman, Mary Maxwell couldn’t have imagined, four years later, she’d lead her classmates through graduation as their president. – Full Story Includes Photographs

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