My day started with breakfast and getting to know several of the ToYs.  Many coordinators are also here today and will continue to come all day.  My coordinator, Jennifer Pooler, is getting re-routed in order to get here. (She did not get here until 8pm…I was so glad that she made it, as some peole couldn’t even get a flight out.) 

The day was spent training and learning how to use our new SMART technology.  Each Teacher of the Year received a generous package that included a SMART board, projector, Senteo software and clickers and an AirLiner.  To go along with this incredible gift was a whole days worth of coaching here in Dallas.  I’m soooo excited to go back and try out some of the new programs they modeled. 

The day concluded with the 2009 NTOY Program Conference Opening Dinner and a very moving speech by the 2002 National Teacher of the Year, Chauncey Veatch.  I am surrounded by truly inspirational teachers and coordinators.  It is strange, but it seems as if I’ve always known a majority of these outstanding people.  They remind me of my colleagues back at Congin School and throughout my district.